How Functional Health and Wellness Coaching is Different

It’s about you.

There are a lot of celebrity health coaches out there. They have books and websites and online programs. And most of them have a plan that will inspire you to accomplish something: To get thin. To get strong. To eat better. Sometimes it really works. You do get inspired and results happen. The trouble comes in when those changes are not sustainable in your daily life. That may be because it’s about someone else’s plan, someone else inspiring you from the outside.

Inspiration is awesome. It makes changes happen. But sustainable, long-term transformation doesn’t happen from inspiration alone. And it certainly doesn’t happen because someone else tells you what to do. It happens when you are motivated and inspired by your own vision and strengths. Nobody can give that kind of motivation to you because it is already within you. You just need to find it and tap into it. Then transformation happens.

In my style of coaching, which is functional medicine health coaching blended with positive psychology, it is all about you. It’s about your unique body, mind, spirit and situation. And it’s about helping you uncover your own character strengths and internal motivators that will help you not only make changes, but sustain them for long-term transformation.

We start from today. Your past struggles are just information. This is about moving forward. Together we will talk through your goals and aspirations and we’ll put together a plan that works for you, in your life as it is right now. Small changes can make big impacts, so if your goals are lofty, we’ll tackle them in manageable chunks so that you can be successful. We explore the obstacles that may be holding you back and the rest of the conversation is about moving you forward.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact me. I’d like to explore how we might work together.



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