Supporting Motivation: When Worlds Intersect

My LinkedIn profile, like my career, has split into two streams: one for the communications business (Bluehouse Consulting Group, Inc.) I’ve run for the past 18 years and one for the relatively new functional health and wellness coaching business that I’m now expanding in tandem with it. These two work streams could go on for a long time without a great deal of intersection (at least outside of my own head). But I find a great deal of satisfaction when I can merge the world I’ve known for a long time with the newer territory I’m exploring through my ongoing education in positive psychology and my work as a health coach.

Along those lines, I had the wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog for one of my PR clients, Wellpepper. They have a patient engagement/health technology platform that enables healthcare professionals to prescribe digital treatment programs that patients follow outside the clinic using text, mobile, voice and web interfaces. It’s a great company, run by wonderful people, and their technology is getting rave reviews from the health systems, practitioners and patients who use it. And from their PR person — I love working with them! So when the CEO invited me to blog for them, not only as their PR person but as a certified health coach, I jumped at the chance.

My first blog is on Supporting Patient Motivation and it explores how their patient engagement technology, like health coaching, taps into multiple layers of motivation to help people make and stay on track with their health goals.

Stay tuned for more!



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